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Khatri is a community of north India originated from Punjab. The region is connected with the composition of Vedas, Mahabharata and many more.

The word Khatri is a Punjabi word that has been derived from the Sanskrit word “Kshatriya” because of different accent. They are the warriors and the rulers that belong to the ancient India.

Today, they distinguish themselves as Punjabi Khatri due to the emergence of several communities with the name as Khatrey/Kshtri/etc.

Khatri (Punjabi Khatri) is the community consisting of only Suryavanshis (Sun Dynasty) and Chandravanshi (Lunar Dynasty). Only the Punjabi Khatris claim themselves and traced to be the direct or indirect descendants of King Raamchandra and King Krishanchandra, who are believed as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Whereas, Rajputs though belong to Sun, Lunar, Fire Dynasties but never say or claim they to be the descendants of King Raam and King Krishan.

Among Punjabis, there are several distinct communities, among all the communities the Khatris reside at the top.

In ancient times, the name Khatri was not in existence, rather they were known as the Kshatriya, during the reign of Mauraya Dynasty they concentrated in the Potwar Plateau of Punjab

Pl study this link thoroughly about Khatri Rajas http://www.khukhrains.com/articles

Idea to make KHC-Punjabi group at Capetown and own web site http://khatri.site initiated by Professor Ram Trehan. Now our five members ie PK Puri, Kamal Dhingra,Umesh Verma,Nikhil Wadhwa and Ashish Mehra are fully devoted to make our objectives implemented successfully.

Khatri surname wise Personalities

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