• This group is formed as to change the mind set that both country and community is important :

– First have a good name and strong personality as a Khatri
– Get Financially strong
– Build Akhil Bhartiya Khatri Mahasabha stronger as to help community and country in crisis in a better way.

Strategy to Achieve

Meet occasionally at mandir to do puja religiously of our primary Gods and organize picnic, trips and functions to mix up for better understanding .

Aim is only to build sound group without conflict with any other community. Need to make minimum 100 members at each major city as to successfully implement our objectives. Identify coordinator at levels city, district, zonal and state with implementation of common agenda and strategy of Akhil Bhartiya Khatri mahasabha. One common meeting is required to be held at all India level New Delhi

Every community of any state solemnize their functions collectively like Chhat Puja, Durga Puja irrespective of where now residing then Khatri Hindu Community also realized should not be an exception.

We could not make even one good size Mandir at our each major states or monument of khatris. Let us all pledge to improve the standard of our prestigious Durgiana Temple at Amritsar

It will be our honour to have our infantry Regiment of Khatri in the Army.

Maximum representation at Ministirial Level – Center/state